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Men's Work

To the glory of the only wise God. The one who in the earthly primal time made man in His own image and designated him in the Garden of Eden to rule over the other creatures.

The Methodist church Nigeria in her wisdom and considering the auspicious position of men in God’s divine plan started the men’s work department in 2009 to coordinate the activities of the two men’s fellowships, that is, men’s fellowship, of older age from age 46 and above. And the Young men’s fellowship of age 31 – 45 years.

The men’s fellowship was officially inaugurated in 1994 by His Eminence, Sunday C. Mbang, Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria.

And has since then produced the following presidents:

1.      Engr. D.A. Shonekan             -        1994 – 2001

2.     Sir. Anthony O. Adegbite        -        2001 – 2006

3.     Elder B.O.T Ogbuja                -        2006 – 2010

4.     Sir. Hon. Samuel Ejiofor         -        2010 – 2015

5.     Sir. Hon. Adasi Ubulom          -        2015 – 2021

6.     Sir. Dr. Kehinde Oladeji          -        2021 –Date

The men’s fellowship has since had some impactful events such as care ministries, paying school fee for indigent members children, visiting the aged and the sick and orphanages as well as engaging in evangelism and church growth activities by building worship centres in some dioceses.

The young men’s fellowship on the other hand is an anchor fellowship between the youth and the men’s fellowship. Hence, every young Methodist member is expected to at age 31 transfer his membership to young men where he is expected to be from age 31 and 45 before moving into the men’s fellowship. 

The young men’s fellowship was born out of passion to curb exodus of young men and to provide a level ground within which they can exercise their free worship life. It came into existence in 2011.

So far it has the following presidents:
Sir Femi Oguniron            2011  -  2017
Sir James Uche                 2017  -  Date

The men’s work department as earlier expressed came up as a result of the need to have a coordinating unit that will take care of the spiritual need of the fellowship.  The department was started in 2009 by the blessing of the conference of Methodist Church Nigeria. 

The department since then has produced two coordinators:
1.    Very Rev. Engr. David Moradeyo (Pioneer, Now Bishop)     2009 – 2016
2.    Very Rev. James A. Adikwu                         2016     –  Date

Also the department has an umbrella body know as the men’s work board which responsibility is to serve as advisory body to the department and fellowships as well as see to the runnings of the fellowships and department, and make policies for the progress of the fellowships where necessary.

    The department in the recent time successfully carried out:
1.    Leadership seminar     1st and 2nd editions throughout  the four regions in 2019 and 2021.       
2.    The regional conventions for the two fellowships in 2017 and 2019.
3.    The production of induction order of service for the men’s fellowship

Very Rev.  James Adikwu
Conference Men's Work Coordinator